Michael Fairchild Photography

Gettysburg, The Turning Point

Professional photographer Michael Fairchild takes you on a fascinating historical journey to the fields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where the destiny of the United States was forged in the crucible of the American Civil War. Fairchild has crafted a short history of the battle that artfully combines historic photographs with images that he shot at Civil War reenactments in 1988 and 1989. This high definition video opens with a short interview with James Mc Phearson, Pulitzer prize–winning author of a "Battle cry of Freedom". Fairchild also explores some of the basic causes of the bloodiest conflict in American history. Renowned Long Island artist, Mort Kunstler, generously contributed compelling battle images for this project. Other topics covered in the video include: weaponry, medicine, photography, and the conflicting ideologies of this fascinating era. This program provides an excellent starting point for wide ranging questions about many aspects of the American Civil War. Cost $500 per day.

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