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Eternal India

Photographer Michael Fairchild has created a high definition program about the most mysterious and diverse country in the world. "Eternal India" is a collaborative effort with his daughter Marnie who spent over 3 months studying Hindi and community development in Jaipur and the city of Varanasi on the sacred Ganges River. This fully narrated program explores some of the most fabulous palaces and fortresses of the Moghul dynasty, including the Taj Mahal. Fairchild’s camera captures life in India's rural villages, while providing an affectionate portrait of India's people. "Eternal India" also explains the perilous plight of India's wildlife, with emphasis on the tiger and the Indian rhino.

Follow up discussion often focuses on wildlife management, religious topics, standard of living, the Untouchables, as well as the economic significance of the world’s most populous democracy. Steve Gorn, a noted performer and composer of Indian and African music created an original music score for this production. Cost $500 per day.

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