Michael Fairchild Photography

The Amazon, River of Life

Michael Fairchild's thirty minute hi definition photography program , "Amazon, The River of Life" reveals the beauty of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Images of tiny jewel-like hummingbirds darting from branch to branch in their quest for nectar, delicate pink and white flowers of giant Victoria water lilies, and the shimmering iridescence of rare Morpho butterflies fluttering in the damp jungle give a sense of the Amazonís magic allure. Michael's work also acknowledges the splendor of more dangerous animals such as boa constrictors, jaguars, piranhas, and poison arrow frogs. For Michael Fairchild, sharing the beauty of the Amazon is the first step towards preserving the natural resources and biodiversity vital to sustaining our living planet. "Amazon, River of Life" is fully narrated and has music & sound effects. Cost $500 per day.

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