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Episodes II

Episodes II

30 minute audio-visual and workshops, Grades 1-12

Episodes II is a 4 projector audio visual production that allows the viewer to take a stimulating journey of the imagination thought varied scenes on many different continents. Each episode lasts from 2 to 4 minutes and has its own unique sound effects and music. The variety of topics includes; Long Island landscapes, African peoples, Civil War sites and re-enactments, French city and countryside scenes, the "Welcome Home" parade for Desert Storm troops in NYC, the spectacular Iguassu falls which forms part of the border between Brazil and Argentina, African wildlife, the exciting hustle and bustle of New York City, and mystical scenes from "Eternal India". The four projector format allows for many surprising special effects.

The follow up discussion after this program tends to cover many diverse ideas. "How to you get close enough to dangerous wildlife for photography? How do you get meaningful people in cultures that are not enthusiastic about photography? What are the logistics of effective parade and re-enactment photography? How do you coordinate the flow of dissolving images with the music and sound effects?" Cost $500 per day.

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